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The First Annual Black Heritage Night at Constellation Field Featured Prime-Time Players

Greats Missouri City Monarchs Invited Guests Ron Reynolds IMG_0236 Angelique Davis IMG_0203 IMG_0201The First Annual Black Heritage Night at Constellation Field with the Sugar Land Skeeters and baseball’s greats featured an offering of fun and family in a gathering for a past time sport that united all for prime-time festivities.

Taneisha Hall, Event Marketing Manager for the Sugar Land Skeeters did an excellent job of organizing and hosting this first time event. Grover Deacon Jones who played for the Chicago White Sox and  many comrades were in attendance.

Families came out to show support and to enjoy the heritage side of baseball history. The first 2000 fans received a Deacon Jones bobble head dashboard doll. The Missouri City Monarch’s little league, a local championship team, took part in field activities. The Texas Southern University “Ocean of Soul” Marching Band had a pregame performance. The mascots were exuberant of the life like characters that they portray. The National Anthem was sung by Angelique Davis. A special guest first pitch was thrown by Charley Pride.

The theme “A Night to Remember” highlighted the education and culture and the sport of baseball and the integral part that various African American players of the game of baseball played in baseball history. Artwork was on display creating a visual of some of the present, current and past contributors.

The souvenir booklet made mention of the great woman behind the great man, Grover Deacon Jones, Virginia, and her story during segregation when she and the wife of another baseball player decided to cross the designated color line and sit in a section labeled for white players’ wives. This incident sparked a boycott and later caused the team to be moved during the season.

The stadium is a new state of the art location that seats 7500. Although Reliant Stadium has the largest Video Monitors in the world, Constellation field is not far behind with one of the largest score boards in minor league baseball. With good food and great people and a family atmosphere, along with special event nights, and the ability to transform into a host for football or soccer or lacrosse, the stadium is well on its way to being a favorite stop. Black Heritage Night has taken its place in Constellation Field history.

TSU-TV is a full production facility in the regular practice of  producing quality programming and reaching the community with its voice.

Pauline Clement



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Sammie Delivers the Rx for Insomnia

            These days, bona fide R&B artists are almost like the prehistoric dinosaurs that once roamed Earth– Extinct!

Bluesy guitar riffs have been swapped for electronic dance music. Fist-pumping has replaced slow grinding on dance floors.

Despite these changes over the last decade, R&B singer Sammie remains true to his craft.

He made his debut in 2000 with “I Like It.” He gained immediate success and a dedicated fan base which has followed him over the years.

“I love my fans and they have watched me grow,” Sammie said. “They stick by me.”

The humid weather in Texas is similar to Florida, Sammie’s birthplace.

Most mixtapes showcase a couple songs worth listening. Not Insomnia.

From beginning to end, you lose yourself in the lyrics and ride the turbulent roller coaster of what this young man has been through now that he is a “Quarter Century” old.

Sitting poolside in Sugar Land, Texas, he sports the same infectious smile that made young girls all over the world fall in love with him. Yet, he is no longer the same adolescent boy. His body is inked up, and he is now a young adult with a healthy sexual appetite.

“Three times two plus three” Sammie said. It does not take a mathematician to figure out that he is referring to the “69” sexual position.

The snippet he sung without hesitation originates from the steamy song “Morning After,” one of my favorites. For three minutes and fifty-five seconds, Sammie takes listeners on a sexual escapade equipped with empty bottles of vodka, back shots and foreplay. The only requirement is an “open mind.”

The flowing sounds of the soft wind and blue pool water provide the perfect instrumental for his impromptu performance. Several hotel guests horse playing in the pool look up and smile at the sound of Sammie’s falsetto.

The road to success has not always been peaches and cream over the past decade. He released his sophomore self-titled album in 2006 then went on a hiatus. The music industry is very ugly at times. He may be “Dumb Dumb” in love, but percipient when it comes to his career and vision for himself.

“Back then I trusted someone who did not have my best interest at heart,” Sammie said.

So he did what any sensible human being would do in order to protect his brand. He downsized his crew.

“There are about five people on my team now,” Sammie said.

Sammie hopes to use his lessons learned to help other artists in the future. He will also drop a new studio album this fall or early 2013.

Do not sleep on Sammie. Pun intended.

- Kenneth Ware Jr.